Boat Trips Boat trips on the Lake Tollensesee

The northern bank of Lake Tollensesee and the end of the culture park comes up with restaurants and opportunities for getting refreshments. Furthermore you can rent boats and bicycles.

From the landing place in the culture park the passenger liner “Mudder Schulten” invites you to appealing boat trips. Enjoy the beauty of the various hilly landscapes and discover the impressive wildlife from a different angle. A special attraction and unforgettable nature adventure is a trip through the 800 metre long canal into the Lake Lieps, a nature protection area. This is only possible from July to September. The liner “Rethra” connects several landing places round the lake according to a fixed schedule. It is the perfect supplement to the cycle and hiking trails round the Lake Tollensesee.

We invite you to appealing round trips on the Lake Tollensesee and the Lake Lieps.

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