Regional Museum Neubrandenburg

The Regional Museum Neubrandenburg (founded in 1872) is one of the oldest civic museums in Mecklenburg Western-Pomerania. At two close-by locations in the western part of the centre the visitor will see exhibitions about the history of Neubrandenburg and environment which are complemented by changing special exhibitions about different themes. The Regional Museum is part of the “Museums Mile” Neubrandenburg.

The Treptow Gate

In 1873 the Neubrandenburg museum association opened its first permanent exhibition in The Treptow Gate, the most magnificent of the four gothic gates of the town. Today you can visit the medieval rooms on five floors there you find the permanent exhibition about the region’s history from the first settlements to the time of the German colonisation. The visitor gains insight in the life during the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age in this area and can get information about the Slavic sanctuary RETHRA, which has been searched for centuries in the area of Neubrandenburg. In doing so, in the end of the 1960s, a double-headed wooden idol from the late-Slavic period has been found on the island Fischerinsel in Lake Tollensesee. In the Regional Museum the visitor can see a replication of this idol.

The exhibition in the Treptow Gate is not accessible for people with limited mobility.

The Franciscan Monastery

The former Franciscan Monastery is the oldest and historical most valuable building complex in the city centre. In a new designed exhibition were presented special historical events of the urban history in context with regional references. From the foundation till the present the city and the region experienced remarkable changes which are presented with original references and the use of modern media

Special exhibitions

In the Franciscan Monastery the visitors will see changing special exhibitions with different themes to regional history of art and culture. Current information you can find in our calendar of events.


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